High Speed Freight Tube Transportation Systems




Revenue sources

Water plays a fundamental role in human health and development.  The water scarcity issue in many  parts of the world has been aggravated by factors including growing populations, rapid urbanization, and the impact of global climate weather patterns. Understanding the connections and value of our natural resources and how these resources support our way of life, help us to ensure the resilience of the entire system,  be it an ecosystem, a city, a nation, or a planet.   Many of us on the planet are looking at a future that will be hotter and drier, with more people and fewer resources.  We have the opportunity to plan, design, and innovate for what could be a very different planet.  We can optimize and implement the infrastructure of the future, SieRail – Managing water, energy and air quality with one integrated transportation system.  

 "Moving People, Water and Freight - simultaneously"



The only High Speed Train that operates without subsidies

Sustainable Economy:

SieRail increases safety -- by eliminating the possibility of derailment.

Operating without subsidies

SieRail is the only high speed transportation system capable of simultaneously shipping water, freight and passengers, fast and safely.

SieRail's tubular guideway allows water and /or freight capsules to be transported and delivered anywhere along corridor without interrupting the high speed train gliding on the exterior of the tubular guideway.  Elevated above grade the modular guideway design is easily capable of handling the dynamic stress and static deflections of the trains, water and fright capsules.   SieRail's track design allows it to follow the tight turns of existing freeways,  creating an easy installation in freeway medians, reducing right-of-way concerns and costs.  Like many above grade rail systems, cat walk solar panels can run the length of the corridor supplying additional power to the electrical grid.

 Allowing upgrades to faster propulsion under carriges as ridership warrants.

Sustainable Infrastructure

Using resources appropriately for the benefit of world.

"THe safest way to sie your world"


Super safe train