Passenger Traffic:

Increases in air traffic delays and congestion on the highways have created an incredible economic market for the SIErail system.   Passengers will enjoy on time arrivals close to the urban center destination they are traveling to without weather delays or traffic delays. 

Since there are three separate income streams, ticket pricing will be considerably cheaper than any other high speed transportation systems available.


Water Infrastructure:

SIErail's ability to move large quantities of water long distances or store water in spur lines gives cities, counties, and states the ability to have clean clear water when there water sources are stressed or gone.   SIErail can contract as a delivery service for brokered water deals between states or counties: or supply desalinated water from costal areas to inland communities.

"Operating without Subsidies"

SIErail's three revenue source:   

1) Passenger traffic via train.  2) Freight delivery both in the freight tube and on trains.  3) Water delivered through tubes to destination along corridor.  

Freight delivery and it's future:

Base on the statistic of the current and estimated internet sales, plus the want and need for immediate delivery, SIErail see's considerable growth in tube freight delivery for many years.  

Our ability to move large freight capsules quickly from costal regions to distribution centers fast and without delays will give us great advantages over truck hauling.  No traffic related delays, no weather delays and constant delivery pricing. 

In 2017 there were an estimated 1.7 billion digital buyers growing to an estimated 2.1 billion by 2019. The need for fast inexpensive bulk delivery is needed and will continue for many years.