Above grade corridor:

Keeping the rail corridor above grade alieviates crossing collisions and casualties.   Hundreds are hurt or killed every year by at grade train and transit vehicles.   In 2015 alone, there were 2,059 collisions, 244 fatalities, and 967 injuries related to rail and transit. 

Source: Federal Railroad Administration

Migration and eco habitats:

SIErail's above grade design allows wildlife to move at will under the corridor.  Reducing the impact on habitats along the corridor. SIErail  designs the longest span distances between support post as possible and developed a construction process of minimal land disturbance during construction of corridor.   Most of the modular guideway is slid on top of the previously installed track and cantilevered out to the next support post without the need for ground base equipment. 

Collision avoidance

The SIErail guideway is powered in segments, not allowing two contiguous segments to be powered at the same time,  Stopping any possibility of collisions. Also, GPS train location monitoring is used as a backup collision monitor, again not allowing any two trains to be closer than allowed limits.

Earth Quake Safety:

SIErails ridged tubular steel guideway and flexible mounting post caps are designed to handle sizable earthquakes without damage. In known quake areas special dual post systems will be used to allow increased lateral movement.

SIErail guideways are equipped with several guideway monitoring systems.  One being earth quake monitoring, which safely shuts down an effected track section within seconds to avoid serious injury.  Guideway continuity sensors also constantly monitor track safety.


Guideway profile:

The rounded surface of the guideway reduces the area debris or snow can build up.  Reducing the possibility of damaging debris strikes and reducing the need for snow removal equipment.

Guideway geometry:

SIErail's track geometry come from proven high use products in-service daily around the world.


SIErail passenger vehicles are designed to physically wrap around the modular guideway making derailment almost impossible.