Propulsion and Suspension

SIErail's has three modular vehicle under carriages options. This allows both the drive train and suspension to be quickly removed and new upgraded under carriages installed to meet growing corridor needs without long upgrade delays and costly retrofits.  

Option C:

Magnetic levitation/ linear induction motor- This technology has been developed for over 40 years, with both Germany and Japan currently running successful systems.  SIErail's proprietary MagLev system has reduced the per mile cost of magnetic levitation by one third (1/3) allowing faster build and much lower build costs.  SIErail estimated cruise speed for this option is 300+ mph.

Option A:

Wheel - This technology has been used for over 70 years in roller coasters and heavy lift gantries. Our urethane covered steel wheels reduce noise, give smooth rides and produce low ware on guideway. This is the lowest cost options, with a maximum operating speed of 100 mph.

Option A

Option C

Option B

Option B:

Air Cushion levitation/ linear induction motor - This technology was proven successfully in the 1970's for high speed rail and currently is used in heavy lifting of mobile homes during assembly and high speed heavy lift military landing craft.  The estimated cruising speed for this option is 160 mph.

Replaceable modular drive train and suspension