The development and introduction of a new transportation system can only make sense if it also offers ecological advantages, and on the whole contributes to reducing the burden on our environment brought about by transportation in general.  SIErail has met the strictest of criteria by designing a system that uses land extremely efficiently; has very low impact to the environment and ecosystem;  does not use petroleum as a primar means of energy, and produces very little to no pollution.  The high strength modular steel guideway allows long span distances reducing the impact to micro ecosystems and migration of animals through out the length of the corridor.

Lowering Carbon emissions:   

SIErail's carbon reduction is seen across a vast spectrum of transportation areas.   SIErail will reduce long haul truck pollution, reduce passenger vehicle traffic and pollution in corridor regions.   SIErail's photovoltaic panels will increase the corridors clean energy grid supply.

Water Storage:     

SIErail's tubular rail structure is capable of storing ten's of millions of gallons of water, depending on the length of the track.  A general estimation of 2800 gallons per 10' of track can be used when estimating new corridors.

Extremely Quite:

Noise canceling vehicle design makes the entire corridor livable for both animals and humans.

New Water Infrastructure:   By installing the SIErail system water can be moved anywhere along the corridor(s).   Giving local water utilities a primary or secondary option for water supply.  SIErail can send clean, clear water from costal desalination plants to inland cities or states 24 hours a day. This type of option brings economic stability and sustainable support to cities effected by stressed water sources.  

Uses Highway Medians / Right of Ways:

SIErail is the only high speed rail system capable of handling confined medians, tight turns and steep grades associated with highway right of ways.

"Using resources appropriately for the benefit of the world"

Climate Variability: 

Water challenges can happen to almost any given location, regardless of historic water availability.  With the climate changing in unknown directions, SIErail offers a fail safe system which will give depth to communities, cities and states when and if large quantities of water are need.